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Ryan Design in Myanmar

Ryan Design International isn’t just a name, but the global view we take with our services.

Our brand of real estate marketing savvy is highly valued, leading the way not only here in Canada but around the world, from Costa Rica to Kazakhstan, and increasingly in Myanmar.

Formerly known as Burma, Myanmar has seen an economic, social and political rebirth in recent years with the urbanization and modernization of the countryès capital, Yangon, and other large cities. It is here that Ryan Design has been working for the last three years, with the country’s leading developers during an incredible building boom. The urbanization and modernization of some of the country’s largest centres has seen the building of new “cities within cities”.

Ryan Design is the first and only Western ad agency working on marketing multimillion dollar real estate projects in this country with projects like Pun Hlaing Golf Estate, Star City and over a dozen more. We are proud to bring new levels of creativity, quality and sophistication to this global playing field.

Our expertise in this area of marketing has allowed us the ability to work with leading Myanmar companies like YOMA and FMI in marketing huge master-planned communities, containing thousands of high rise and low rise homes.

Halfway around the world in Myanmar, we continue to meet our goal of helping our clients sell real estate and making them a success in the marketplace.